Alphas and Betas, LBRs and EWs

Hello to my favooorite people in the world. Ever. (:

So it’s been what, three months? I missed you all so much, to be honest, and that’s why I’ve made the decision to post random updates to check up on you all everyone once in a while! I’d like to ask you all how you’re doing and how everything’s going! Also, I’m doing a few comment sprees tomorrow, just like the good ol’ days, so if you acknowledge this post somehow, I’ll be sure to give your blog a visit!

Unfortunately, ladies (and the everyday gent), I’ve been so busy with…well, everything lately. School started for me yesterday and as if I didn’t already hate it enough, I’m in no classes with my best friends, which is kind of killing me slowly. I have about four with my ex (do you guys remember him or…lol) and a “friend” that I seriously despise, no big deal. I’m not going to say any names, though, because my blog has maintained it’s approx. 60k views and it’s still on Google, sooo…

Writing personal stories has actually become an obsession of mine lately; that and music, but that’s an “as always” type of thing for me. I’ve written about twelve over the summer, including a certain One Direction fanfic (oh my gosh, though, I’m not bringing this up here. Those boys have taken over my social life) where Harry is my boyfriend.

I think I just heard the wind howl loudly in the form of text. Anyways…

I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to respond to your e-mails. 😦 I’ve been keeping up with my Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr, however, so if anyone wants one of those, I’ll be checking my Massie Block Gmail account for the rest of the week and I’d be happy to give you one or more of my account names via requests. I also apologize for completely leaving out of the blue. I had a freakishly busy summer and I did focus a lot of my time on actually living.  And all I can say is that I have:

No. Regrets.

But seriously, lovelies, I’ve missed you all so much. I had such a heavy feeling of nostalgia when I logged back on here to check my updates and I saw some comments on my last post (which made me tear up happily, no joke.) I’m glad my school tips helped you guys and again, if you need any help for entering high school or something, just message me on one of my personal social networking accounts ^^.  I really want to keep in touch with you all, because my years on WordPress were honestly some of my best, I swear. Some of my closest friends were made through here, actually, so pleeeease contact me! I love each & everyone of you so much and I really genuienly want to thank everyone for their support these past few years. ❤ I’ve had a great run and honestly I would come back here if I could, but to be honest, I’ve lost the edge. Like I can still write and stuff of course, but I’m not really feeling the spark Massie & I once had, if you catch my drift. It’s time for me to step aside, but I’m not even going to bother making a heartfelt post because this blog was pretty much dead for three months (lol)

Anyways, it’s “Welcome Back to WP” time, which is a new term I invented for the weeks I will randomly be on to check up on all of you because I feel like I should. (: In these posts, I will usually answer some FAQs, do shoutouts, post a few videos and maybe show you guys snipits of my stories/fanfiction? I will also do other things on request, if you guys want me to, but don’t blame me if it takes too long! I’m also going to start updating my YouTube, so it would be amazing if you all could subscribe/show your friends. I will be responding to messages on there as well! My account is AvaWasHere17 and I’ll post up a video from the channel at the end of the post!

Anyways, back to the post!


How’d you get to 50k+? Honestly, I just really loved doing what I did. I still do, in all honesty, I just don’t really have the time for it anymore. Try to be as creative as you can when it comes to making pages and be really sincere with your subscribers. Honesty and a sort of bond with your readers is really important!

How do you do good makeovers on your blog? I use photoshop (& I did use picnik a while back) for my trademark headers and I find vintage backgrounds for the blog in general.

What do you and Massie have in common? Well, I really do like fashion and so does she. I love animals and in fact, I do own a puppy myself. I can be really sweet and loyal at one moment, then backstabbing and kind of heartless at others (it depends on the situation.) I actually don’t know how to answer this? In all honesty, I’ve seriously changed since my last post…so yeah.

What are you like now, then? I am a lot more academic than I used to be, my sense of fashion has increased yet again, I take 4 professional dance courses and I play musical instruments for 20+ hours a week. I’m a lot more focused on maturing and growing up than I was before, if that makes sense. I’m really hoping for a good future. ❤

Do you still talk to people from WP? Well, of course! Mostly those who are on Facebook! They’re not really continous conversations, but if someone messages me on my personals, I always reply. Again, e-mail me for those accounts!


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Those were the commenters of my previous post, whom I love. ^^ I also want to say hey to Annie, Jana, Crystal, Asi, Kelsey, Kaddie, Evon, Julia, Lilith, My Old Clique and anyone I haven’t mentioned! Please forgive me if I haven’t! There’s so many of you to keep up with, but I really do love you all! If I’ve forgotten you, just leave me a comment and I’ll put you up here, I promise! ❤

Here’s the video, for those of you who want it. Clicks and commentary would mean a lot to me! It is a slightly faster version of Adele’s Someone Like You, sung and performed by me!

Je t’adore tous,




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